We offer our clients a wide range of services, and here we will distinguish several of the most important.


Career guidance does not involve only negotiating with clubs when transferring or signing contracts. We look at this segment much wider. Our team strives to provide every client with maximum conditions for progress, which includes work on improving performance through cooperation with the most eminent sports professionals, helping to overcome stressful situations, assisting in the alignment of careers with other obligations... We can say that we are part of lives of our clients and their families and part of their everyday routine. Only if all the things listed, and many others, set up in the right way, negotiations on contracts and transfers are under way, which we consider to be the simplest and easiest part of the job.


Today's professional athlete has to take care of a lot of things, so it happens that he finds himself in a situation when he can not devote enough of the quality time to any of them. We make sure this does not happen. We provide consulting services, both in the field of law and finance, PR, administration... All the way to nutrition.


Public image is one of the key things in life of professional athlete. Although many believe that it is created by itself, we are sure that much work is needed in this area. Every day, we monitor the appearance of our clients in the media, in a positive or negative way, we provide advice on the way social networks are run, as well as on occurrences at various events, all the way to consultations on cooperation with interested sponsors.
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